Autosport & Industrial Sensors
Autosport & Industrial Sensors
A MultiSense Group Company
Rotary Position Sensors
  • Extensive range of products available for OEM and End User
  • Multiple sensing technologies to suit the application
  • Ranges from 30˚ to 200 Rotations
  • Infinite Resolution and Excellent Linearity options
  • High operating Temperature, Speed and Environmental sealing
  • Many custom options available on request

POL 120 Rotary Potentiometer
308º Angle
POL 200 Rotary Potentiometer
320º Angle
POL 220 Rotary Potentiometer
IP65   320º Angle
POL 230 Rotary Potentiometer
22mm  350º Angle
HWL 60 Rotary Potentiometer
Hollow Shaft  270º Angle
POD 2203/05/10 Multi-turn
Rotary Potentiometers
PE Rotary Potentiometer Element 25-355º Angles
PS Series Rotary Poten-
tiometers 3 servo sizes
PR 65 Rotary Potentiometer
Heavy Duty  345º Angle
POD 200 Rotary Potentiometer
20mm   Range of Angle
RTX-PA Series Potentiometer
Range 45º - 200 Turns
RTX-P420 Series Analogue
4-20mA Range 45º - 200 Turns
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