Autosport & Industrial Sensors
Autosport & Industrial Sensors
A MultiSense Group Company
Pressure Sensors
Process / Depth / Liquid Level
DPX  Series   High Accuracy
Range 0-2000 Bar
PT60  Series
Pressure & Differential
Process Transmitters
LT100  Series
Depth Sensor
Range 0.12-200mH2O
  • Extensive range of products from heavy industrial to board level sensors
  • Gauge, Differential and Absolute pressure measurement
  • Wide range of threaded pressure ports or flush mount
  • Choice of electrical interface and electrical outputs
  • Pressure ranges from 0.05 Bar to 10,000 Bar, sealing to IP67
  • Atex certified and high operating temperature sensors available

LM  Series
Liquid Level Sensor
Range 0.7-10 Bar
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