Autosport & Industrial Sensors
Autosport & Industrial Sensors
A MultiSense Group Company
  •       A.I.S. is pleased to announce a new partnership with sensor & measurement experts,  'Micro-Epsilon'. The product range includes Laser, LVDT, Draw Wire and Eddy Current displacement sensors, plus 'non contact' temperature measurement, using Infrared technology.
  •       Multisense Solutions Ltd have now released  13mm and 19mm diameter Linear Potentiometers, to compliment their existing range of high quality sensors.
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  •       A new range of Single, Dual and Tri- Axial Accelerometers are now available with 5-16 VDC input. Designed primarily for the Motorsport market, the MS-AC series, low cost accelerometers are manufactured to a high standard, using MEMS technology.
  •       A.I.S. now offer a high quality range of Linear Potentiometers, manufactured by 'Multisense Solutions Ltd'. Using proven 'conductive plastic' technology, the sensors are designed to withstand the harsh environment of industrial and motorsport applications. The high performance and reliability is considered the best available and widely used by motorsports at the highest level.
  •       A brand new range of Infrared Temperature sensors are now available for Tyre and Brake disc measurement. Lightweight construction, temperature compensation and linear output are features of this high quality range.